Monday, 5 November 2012

Burping Burt - The Gross Guessing Game

He's big and green and hairy with disgusting personal habits, but Burping Burt is the award winning toy from Imagination Games that little ones will adore!  The cuddly plush monster sneezes, parps, hiccups, burps and snores in this guessing game, where players have to match a picture card in their hands to the sound that Burt makes.  We were sent one to try!

By pressing his tummy, Burt will randomly make a bodily function noise (that will have little ones in stitches).  There are three ways to play, so you can play a version to suit your children.  In the version we played, you need to guess what he will do next by placing a card from your hand face up.  If your card matches his sound you get to throw away your card.  If he snores, everyone picks up a card. First one with an empty hand wins.

guessing game

Burt is such a hit that Freddy happily just plays with him as a toy making him parp and burp just for fun.  The 24 cards can also be used for matching games or snap adding to the play value of the game.

He takes three AA batteries (included) that are concealed within a velcroed compartment.

You can buy Burping Burt on Amazon for £17.99.

Our Opinion: He is a great toy for children who enjoy the humour of bodily functions (which is basically all of them!!) with the added educational value of the matching and guessing game.  Good fun for the family!


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