Friday, 2 November 2012

Lottie Doll Review

A Doll To Rival Market Leaders

If you are not happy with the fashion dolls on the market with their ridiculously unrealistic body measurements and scanty clothes which can give a negative body image to girls, then the new Lottie doll from Arklu will be a great alternative to buy for your little girls.  With proportions based on the body measurements of an average nine year old girl, and age appropriate clothing, Lottie is set to rival brands such as Bratz and Barbie.  Her motto is "Be bold, be brave, be you!" giving young girls the courage to simply be themselves and enjoy their childhood.

Kizzy was sent a Lottie doll to review and in this video she gives her opinion.


Lottie has already won awards and stands to revolutionize the doll market.  The London based company hopes that this doll developed in conjunction with leading academics, will address the issues relating to body image and sexualisation which are criticisms levelled at the brand leaders.  Lottie will be a better role model for our daughters!

Arklu, dolls

There are six different quintessentially British Lottie dolls and three accessory packs available for little girls aged 3-8.  They are cute, quirky, young and ready for adventure...just like a little girl should be!

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