Monday, 5 November 2012

Skoot - Luggage and a Ride-On in One

Travelling with little children poses all manner of challenges, but with Skoot from World's Apart, their luggage will not be a problem!  Styled like a retro Italian Scooter, the Skoot is an incredibly cool ride-on toy which doubles up as a suitcase, perfect for a weekend away or travelling abroad.

world's apart

With practical rubber wheels and a steerable handle bar, it makes a zippy, smooth and stable ride-on for zooming around on.  A robust towing strap allows parents to pull little ones along and the full steering column makes it really easy to do.  The strap can double up as a carry strap for convenience, so it can be thrown over a shoulder.

The Skoot opens up to reveal a spacious 13 litre capacity case which is perfect for packing a child's clothes for a weekend away.  Secure storage clips hold everything safely.

kid's luggage

Whenever I go away with the children, I find that they love to have their own case for packing.  The Skoot is perfect to give them their own storage space and give them that little bit of independence.  Having luggage that is also a brilliant ride-on toy adds an element of fun!

The Skoot is hand luggage approved so is brilliant for travelling abroad with kids.  They will be kept entertained skooting around the airport and then once on board the plane, the case can be stowed away in the overhead luggage compartment.

I love the fact that we can pack a few toys and a change of clothes into the Skoot when we visit Nana and Grandad.  Freddy then not only has some things to play with packed inside, he has the added bonus of having a ride-on toy to zoom up and down his grandparents' hallway!  Double the fun.

Skoot, world's apart

As our half term break to London was cancelled due to me being poorly (I'm still really gutted about this!!) I've not been able to test the Skoot on holiday.  However, we have tested it at home as both a ride-on toy and as luggage.  It is great to throw into the car on a day trip with Freddy's bits and bobs packed inside.  Being rigid it sits perfectly in the footwell in front of his car seat and keeps everything contained and protected.  It's big enough for a change of clothing, extra layers in case it gets cold, a pair of pyjamas, snacks  and a few toys.  Everything is there if we need it and not being trampled on!  Also, when we stop he gets to stretch his legs and have some fun riding around, great at service stations!

It is a really great concept for travelling with little people.  Kids love them and they are practical.  The tow strap is especially handy and great for pulling kids around, safely ensconced aboard their Skoot.  The ride-on is suitable for children aged approximately 3-6 years old.

The Skoot is available in a variety of colours: red, pink, lilac and blue. You can buy them from Argos and John Lewis RRP £39.99.


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