Sunday, 18 November 2012

12 Toys of Christmas #5

Stockings are a fun part of Christmas Day, and unwrapping the little gifts inside give the children a first taste of Christmas.  Here is a selection of toys that will make great stocking fillers, from some of this year's top toy ranges.

collectibles, stocking fillers, boys toys
ScatterBrainz for Sticky Fun!

Have some addictive sticky fun with ScatterBrainz the new super, sticky collectible darts.  Available in packs of 3 or 8 and available in 64 different character designs, they are a fun-filled stocking filler.  They stick to almost anything with their exposed brains and are perfect for some festive target practice!  RRP from £4.99.

haba, wooden toy
Haba Bobbing Bunny
You are never too young for a Christmas Stocking and babies aged 1+ will love finding this cute, beautifully made, wooden bunny from Haba in their stocking this year.  The bunny wobbles but doesn't fall over providing hours of giggle-tastic fun for tiny tots.

dinosaur, model
A Hand Painted Pterydactyl from Schleich

The fiercest Jurassic inhabitants have come to life with Schleich’s new Dinosaur collection! Almost 225 million years after the first dinosaurs roamed the Earth, Schleich has recreated the most iconic prehistoric predators and released them into the wild ready to delight dinosaur-fans. An ever popular toy, these anatomically correct models take dino fun to a whole new terrifying level! Whilst small enough for children’s hands, the intricate details ensure that these beasts remain ferocious. Kids can create their own prehistoric worlds, choosing from a whole pack of hand painted dinosaurs.

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