Tuesday, 13 November 2012

LED Candles Review

My mum loves candles.  Her bedroom had a collection of candles which she used to light every night and sometimes left burning after she'd fallen asleep.  It was fortunate that she didn't burn down her house, especially when she accidentally bought an outdoor candle to add to her collection!  However, she did cause a lot of smoke damage and the ceiling above the candles became black and coated in a waxy layer which made it very hard to repaint.  Consequently, my dad banned the use of candles meaning my mum misses out on the ambience of flickering candles and the relaxing, gentle light they emit.

That is until now... have sent me a set of LED remote control candles.  The three flameless pillar candles are totally safe, eliminating all risk of fire. They are also mess and smoke free.  They have a realistic flicker effect and create the perfect ambient lighting  for a relaxing setting.

mood lighting, candles

They come with a remote control which can be used to control the brightness.  There is also a 4 or 8 hour timer so they can be set to switch off safely.  The candles have 50,000 hours total glowing time with 200 hours for each battery change and require 2 x AAA each.  (The remote control comes with a battery included.)

LED candles

These candles can be used indoors or outside and are safe around children and animals, billowing curtains or windy conditions.  The wax effect finish of the candles makes them look really realistic.  I am really impressed with how nice they are. They look really good and the lighting effect is very authentic.  It creates a lovely romantic ambience in a room.  Knowing that they are completely safe is very reassuring (especially as I'm giving these to my mum!)

LED candles, mood lighting

Paramount Zone's price for the three candle set is an excellent £12.99.  I have seen similar products on the market for much more.  I think these would make a lovely Christmas gift for anyone who loves having the relaxing ambience of a candle burning in their home.  Postage and packing is free on orders over £14.

It's well worth taking a look at Paramount Zone for some great gift ideas for all the family this Christmas.  They have a huge range of novelty gifts for everyone from tots to grown-ups.


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