Friday, 2 November 2012

Halloween Fun for Flashback Friday/Project 52/Country Kids

So Halloween is over for another year!  It remains one of the year's most contentious holidays with many people objecting to it for numerous reasons.  I've seen arguments against it based on the fear of the 'un-Christian' side of things.  Some dislike the whole 'begging' element of Trick or Treating.  Others hate the commercialism of a day that is seen as being very Americanized.  Me, on the other hand, I love it.  I love the Pagan roots of Samhain with its rich history.  I enjoy the traditions.  Horror is one of my favourite genres of film and literature, so I love celebrating that.  I enjoy having an excuse to throw a party for my family with such scope for theming the food, the costumes and the activities.  We have fun together and that to me, is the most important reason for celebrating this special day.  My kids don't go trick or treating (it's too damn cold for one thing!), but we do have a tub full of sweets ready for the neighbouring children who come calling.  They are mostly very polite, friendly and enthusuastic, and generally they have an adult lurking in the shadows keeping an eye on proceedings to keep them safe.  

pumpkins, cupcakes

We really enjoy going to Alton Towers for their annual Scarefest.  With a blend of cute, fun characters and activities for the little ones to enjoy, to the heart-poundingly thrilling scares of the horror mazes, there is something for us all to enjoy.  This year we introduced Kizzy to her first horror maze!  She is truly hardcore. 

The Sanctuary is a live action walkthrough based on a correctional facility run by the Ministry of Joy, whose techniques for 'correcting' patients are questionable.  The patients, doctors and nurses have all become 'broken' by the barbaric goings-on.  Visitors are invited to look around with a view to becoming advocates of their programme.  Scary stuff!

The Carnival of Screams is a travelling fun house that has fallen on hard times.  Guests enter...but never leave.  With twisted terror and disorientating illusions hidden within the maze, you get to brave the experience while grotesque clowns tease and taunt you and jump out from the shadows.  It's the stuff of nightmares!

Freddy got to enjoy a story time and a musical show with Skelvin and his friends.  He wasn't too impressed getting his photo taken with them, but he loved the activities. We also went on a few rides and attractions  including the awesome Nemesis - Sub Terra to finish our frightful day out.  We were blessed with a beautiful, crisp Autumn day. Wrapped up warm and snuggly in our thermals kept us all cosy.  I love this time of year.


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