Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Crazy Soap For Stocking Fillers

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Crazy Soap Foam, Goo and Body Paint - Making Bath Time Fun!!
If you are looking for a great stocking filler for the kids this year, why not buy them some Crazy Soap?  They'll have fun as they get clean with the three varieties of soap that turn bath time into play time.  With three varieties to choose from: Bath Time Body Paint, Bath Goo and Foam Soap, Crazy Soap is gentle, moisturising, pH balanced and paraben free.  Bath time doesn't have to be a chore or a battle of wills ever again!  We were sent a bundle to enjoy.

We love their products.  The mouldable, shapable, bouncable foam soap is just brilliant fun.  You can model with the pliable, fruity scented soap foam and then use it to wash.  The goo is thick and gloopy and kids love to scoop it in their hands.  It makes loads of fruity bubbles in the tub.  The body paint applies easily to the skin from the special tube and rinses away with water.  Even 10 year old Kizzy loves using this is the shower.  All the products are so tactile and perfect for sensory play activities with little ones.

I love how these products encourage children to express themselves and get creative - while at the same time getting them clean and encouraging good personal hygiene and an enjoyment of bath time.  I always put toiletries in the children's Christmas stockings and Crazy Soap is perfect for this as it is such a fun range.

crazy soap
Soapy Snowball Fight Anyone??

I've seen it for sale at Morrison's and Tesco and online from Amazon, priced from £2 - £3.

Crazy Soap have a really nice website with fun and games for little ones to enjoy at


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