Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Monster High Skultimate Roller Maze

On Your Mark, Get Set, SCREAM!

My daughter Kizzy loves Monster High and was very excited to find out that the cutest monsters are now the stars of their own video game:  Monster High Skultimate Roller Maze available for the Nintendo Wii or DS.

Wii, Nintendo

It’s time to lace up your skates and get ready to race! Pick your favorite Monster High character and assemble a team of friends and fiends as you skate your way through the crypts of Monster High. Collect power-ups, avoid monstrous obstacles in your path, scream past the competition and use each character’s special ability to win the race and bring home the victory! 

Monster High

Kizzy took to the game (as soon as she worked out what buttons to press) and was soon winning races as her team of girls (or should that say ghouls) skated to victory using their special powers.  Each character has their own abilities such as the ability to grow wings and fly or ride a tidal wave.  They can also try to sabotage other racers' efforts by blasting them with flying books or leaving a man eating coffin in their path. Whilst racing round, players have to pick up coins and skate through bat filled coffins to fill their power bar. When filled, the character reaches full power and their special abilities can be unleashed.

The game controlled quite easily once Kizzy got the hang of it and stopped crashing into the walls!  She quickly got the hang of it and really enjoyed taking on the other monsters.  There was plenty of trash talking dialogue between competitors done using subtitles.  Kizzy soon found her favourite characters, Frankie Stein, Lagoona Blue and Draculaura and went on to victory!

The game play is simple and a little limited with just a few different tracks but you can mix things up by switching between the four play modes and using different characters to make up your team.  You can use strategy to use the best skaters as different situations arise.  There are also three difficulty settings and unlockable characters to get the most out of the game.  It is a great game for Monster High fans who want an enjoyable and entertaining game to play with their friends.

I love the message that being unique and being yourself is a good thing.  It is good teamwork, as you choose your team mates, that leads to victory.  It is a cute, girlie game for ages 7+ which is fun and simple to get to grips with.

It is available to buy now from stockists such as Amazon.


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