Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Future of Confectionery

When you think about the future of sweets do you conjure up images of  everlasting gobstoppers, toot sweets or exploding candy?  Apparently, according to food futurologist Lyndon Gee, this is exactly where the future of confectionery is heading.  Interactive and morphing sweets are not as far away as we might  think.

Children today want more from their sweets.  As taste buds change, children will enjoy a more interactive eating experience where they can dip, mix and shake their confectionery to customize the flavours, consistency and strength.  This confectionery mixology will see kids inventing their own sweets within the next decade.

wham bar, confectionery mixology

An exciting new sweet has just been launched, the Wham Rocket.  It takes the elements of a Wham Bar, mixes them up and creates a totally new, futuristic way to enjoy them.

Interaction and mixology are at the heart of Wham Rocket. Eaten with an edible foam dipping stick, the new sweet allows sweet lovers to take as much (or as little) of the extreme sour sherbet as they can handle. Add in some tongue-tingling sugar crystals and Wham Rocket will blast your taste buds into outer space.  The iconic 80's sweet has been reworked for a whole new generation.

So the future of sweets is full of exciting possibilities with taste buds being pushed further than ever before.  Broccoli flavoured sweeties anyone??  It is all very Heston Blumenthal!

Kizzy liked the Wham Rocket!  Replacing the old fashioned sherbert fountain licquorice stick with a candy foam stick was met with approval.  The sour sherbert was a hit and she loved the sugar crystals.  The plastic packaging will go in our recycling for disposal which is also a plus.

Wham Rocket, the tongue tingling addition to the Wham family is available to buy now (RRP 45p). For more information, visit


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