Thursday, 22 November 2012

Dallas Seasons 3 and 4 - Who Shot JR?

My journey into the back catalogue of Dallas continues with seasons 3 and 4 on DVD that have been sent to me by the good people of Warner Bros.  The fast paced drama full of intrigue and deception is as fresh today as it was two decades ago.  The snapppy dialogue, gripping storylines and fabulous characters make Dallas an ageless guilty pleasure!  It is within these two box sets that we see the saga of "Who Shot JR?" play out.  This remains the greatest cliffhanger in TV history that kept the whole world guessing.  I get to relive that moment and intend to enjoy every glitzy, glamorous episode all over again!

Dallas, TV Series

Features all 25 episodes from Season 3: 'What Ever Happened To Baby John (Part 1)', 'What Ever Happened To Baby John (Part 2)', 'The Silent Killer', 'Secrets', 'The Kristin Affair', 'The Dove Hunt', 'The Lost Child', 'Rodeo', 'Mastectomy (Part 1)', 'Mastectomy (Part 2)', 'The Heiress', 'Ella Saves The Day', 'Mother Of The Year', 'Return Engagements', 'Love And Marriage', 'Power Play', 'Paternity Suit', 'Jenna's Return', 'Sue Ellen's Choice', 'Second Thoughts', 'Divorce - Ewing Style', 'Jock's Trail (Part 1)', 'Jock's Trial (Part 2)', 'The Wheeler Dealer' and 'A House Divided'.

Dallas, TV Series

Features all the episodes from Season 4: 'No More Mister Nice Guy (1)', 'No More Mister Nice Guy (2)', 'Nightmare', 'Who Done It?', 'Taste of Success', 'The Venezuelan Connection', 'The Fourth Son', 'Trouble at Ewing 23', 'The Prodigal Mother', 'Executive Wife', 'End of the Road (1)', 'End of the Road (2)', 'Making of a President', 'Start the Revolution With Me', 'The Quest', 'Lover, Come Back', 'The New Mrs. Ewing', 'Mark of Cain', 'The Gathering Storm', 'Ewing vs. Ewing', 'New Beginnings', 'Full Circle' and 'Ewing-Gate'.

Available to buy at Amazon and other good DVD retailers.


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