Thursday, 29 November 2012

Get a Free video from Santa with Portable North Pole

One of the Christmas traditions that I love is making a Portable North Pole video for the children.  Little ones can get to experience the magic of Santa and his village online, with a personalised message that includes their name, personal photos and other customised details.

The brand new 2012 videos include brand new scenes from Santa’s village, funny new elf clips and more. The basic PNP video is completely FREE to stream for an unlimited number of times during the holidays. And for a small fee, users can create an extended five-minute premium version, which includes exclusive clips of Santa riding on his sleigh, a personalized Christmas Carol sung by the elves and more.

There are also other products available to buy from Santa's e-shop.  How about a personalised telephone call from the big man himself?  For just £2.99 it is a fabulous way to make sure the kids behave in the run up to Christmas, knowing that Santa is watching!  Or you could get a personalised letter from Santa or even a certificate showing your child on the 'Good List'!  5% of all purchases goes to their Children's Hospital charity.

I love the website and I love making the videos for my little ones.  This year, Freddy had a PNP video from Santa made by his sister in law Jade.  He absolutely loved it and interacted with Santa as he told him that he needed to remember to clean his teeth and said he'd been a good boy!  It is simply genius and a wonderful thing to do for free during the festive season.  The premium 5 minute video is just £2.99, so if you want some extra Santa magic you can upgrade!

PNP are offering readers of this blog a 10% discount on merchandise.  Just use code BLOG10BK when ordering from Santa's e-shop.

Freddy watches his video for the tenth time!!


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