Thursday, 15 November 2012

Myro, the Smallest Plane in the World, Launches in the UK

The Nation’s King of Pantos and I’m A Celebrity winner, Christopher Biggins is taking on a new role as narrator for a series of Children’s Audio story books and iPad story Apps set in Australia called ‘Myro, The Smallest Plane in the World’.

The series follows the adventures of a little British Microlight called Myro – mischievous, curious and prone to disaster – as he settles into his new home ‘Down Under’ in Australia. The stories have stunning images and great story lines and are packed with songs and sound effects, all brought to life by a cast of actors led by the energetic Christopher Biggins.

The iPad / iPhone Story Apps are downloadable from the App Store, with the Audio Story Books + CDs available from Waterstones, and Independent Booksellers.

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With their gripping stories, beautiful images and irresistible characters, Myro, The Smallest Plane in the World is sure to find a place in everyone’s heart.

We were sent a copy of Myro Arrives in Australia as we sadly don't have an iPad (sobs).  The big, glossy paperback book from Nick Rose is colourful and features a whole host of lovable characters.  The story introduces young children to a new country and Freddy enjoyed the story of Myro helping out at the farm - especially when he went through the cow poo in the field and helped save the pregnant sheep!  The fold out cover features a map, a character factfile, information on microlights and the pilot's phonetic alphabet. The CD features an audio version of the story narrated by Biggins, along with songs and lots of fun stuff!  Freddy loved the Australian sound effects such as the jungle sounds and didgeridoos and enjoyed Myro's Song very much.  It is great for the car while doing the daily nursery run.

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For more information on ‘Myro, The Smallest Plane in the World’, visit or become a fan of Myro’s on Facebook and on Twitter @MyroAdventures
The audio books are £7.99 RRP.


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