Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Lego Lights Darth Vadar LED Torch Review

The battle against the dark side of the Force has raged throughout the Star Wars saga, but with this LED Torch you will be able to light your way through the darkness with ease.  The Force is definitely strong with this great gadget from Lego Lights.

lego, star wars

This Lego Darth Vadar torch stands approximately 20cm tall and has a white LED light on each foot and has a removable light up red light sabre.  The posable arms and legs can be angled so the lights can be directed in any direction.  A button on Darth Vadar's chest turns on the lights in his feet and the light sabre has its own switch in the handle.  The attention to detail is excellent.

star wars, lego

We were sent one to test out and Freddy absolutely loves it.  The removable light sabre is a great feature (he calls it his "power wand") and the posable legs make it easy to shine the lights wherever he wants them.  Looking under the sofa is a favourite game (goodness knows what he finds under there that is so interesting...but he loves it!)  The lights on his feet are quite bright with a good reach for exploring those mysterious dark areas.

star wars, lego

This Lego Lights Darth Vadar Torch is a perfect present idea for any Star Wars fans, gadget geeks or kids aged 5+.   I love the design of this torch and I think the Lego Star Wars merchandise is absolute genius.  The torch is a good size and the lights are very effective.  It sits or stands and the red glowing light sabre could be used as a comfort light at night time for a child while they go to sleep (although it would need to be switched off manually.)  It will look great stood on a shelf in a bedroom.  It is good to have something that is fun, good-looking and practical all in one!

darth vadar, star wars, lego

The torch is £19.99 RRP and available to purchase from Amazon and other stockists.  It requires 3 x AA batteries.

Our Opinion: An excellent torch for Star Wars fans of any age!  My husband loves it as much as my 3 year old. A brilliant gadget that is practical as well as really fun!

May the force be with you!!


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