Tuesday, 20 November 2012

12 Toys of Christmas #7

My last review in my 12 Toys of Christmas feature showcases a product that will keep the kids busy over the festive period.  After the Christmas dinner has been eaten and the Queen's Speech watched,  maybe the family can get stuck in to a fun, quiet activity together.  Many people find jigsaw puzzles very relaxing and will enjoy spending Christmas afternoon indulging in a spot of puzzling.  

puzzle, model

I have previously reviewed the Ravensburger 3D Big Ben Puzzle.  It is a 216 piece puzzle that builds up into a 40 cm tall 3D model of Big Ben. With numbered interlocking pieces and hinged corners, the puzzle is well constructed but can be a bit fiddly for younger children to do without any adult help.  These Ravensburger puzzles bring a whole new dimension to one of Britain's favourite hobbies.  The end result is a model that can be displayed or dismantled to be rebuilt at a later date.  Other puzzles in the range include the Eiffel Tower, The Empire State Building and a lighthouse. (RRP £19.99)

ravensburger, 3D puzzle

These puzzles are suitable for ages 10 and up, so would be a good present for a grown-up as well as an older child.  They definitely are an exciting twist on regular 2D puzzles!

Find out more at Ravensburger.

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