Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Designing A Christmas Stocking

One of the best parts of Christmas day is the stockings.  Ever since the kids were born, they have had a stocking waiting for them on Christmas morning at the end of their beds.  I love shopping for little bits and pieces and individually wrapping them up.  Seeing the children open their little presents is such a highlight.  Even though their stockings only contain things like toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, socks and sweets, the children's oohs and ahhs would make you believe they were unwrapping the crown jewels!  There is something so magical about the stocking and that first taste of Christmas day, when all the kids jump into our kingsize bed and share that moment.

Best British Bloggers along with Getting Personal has set us a challenge to design a stocking and Kizzy enjoyed taking the task in hand.  She decided to make a quirky Santa with 3D applique elements like a red velvet hat and coat, white fluffy beard and trim, shiny black buttons, embroidered writing and sparkly eyes.

Kizzy liked the idea of having a stocking that was almost toy-like and would resemble a cuddly toy when stuffed full of little presents.

I really like Santa's cheeky face with his snub nose, huge grin and freckles under his rosy cheeks.  I love the idea of having embroidery, buttons, furry fabric and red velvet to make it look really special.  I think Kizzy has done a good job designing a stocking fit for Christmas morning, with her own very individual quirkiness thrown in for good measure!!

Getting Personal have an excellent range of personalised gifts including some fabulous ideas for Christmas so be sure to take a peek if you are looking for something unique and individual for a loved one this year!


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