Friday, 23 November 2012

Why My Washing Machine Works Overtime!

One mucky pre-schooler who is a magnet for mess. Fashion conscious teens who change their clothes four times a day. Kids who play hard indoors and out.  Dinner times that end in messy tops (and even messier tablecloths!)  Arts and Crafts sessions with paints and glue and glitter. School uniforms and mud spatted PE kits that need to be clean and ready to wear on Monday morning. Face paints which get on towels and clothing as well as faces!  Baking sessions where most of the cake mix gets over the bakers. Grown-up daughters smearing make-up on their bed sheets, wiping mascara on flannels and getting hair dye on towels.  Even after leaving home, bags of dirty washing come home when my oldest kids visit.  This is my family life - this is why my washing machine is the busiest member of my family!  

washing machine, mucky kids

John Lewis are inviting bloggers to write a post explaining why their washing machines see a lot of use.  Three lucky winners will receive a state of the arts Hotpoint appliance from the John Lewis washing machine range.

This post serves as entry into a John Lewis competition for the chance to win one of the three Hotpoint products.


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