Friday, 9 November 2012

Singalongz Dally The Duck Review

Dally The Duck is a Singalongz toy that Freddy has been sent to test out.  The cute and cuddly duck comes with her own microphone and if you sing into it, Dally repeats everything you say simultaneously with you, creating a hilarious, harmonious duet!  Dally's ducky voice really does 'quack' you up!!


Dally needs 4 x AA batteries and the microphone takes 4 x AAA batteries.


The microphone and the toy have to be synched up by pressing the star on Dally's wing and the star on the mic, then she will sing along with you.  Up to four Singalongz can be connected to form a group.


Singing and talking with Dally made for some entertaining moments!  The older kids got in on the fun too. The Singalongz are definitely a fun, novelty gift for kids aged 3 and up.

Dally the Duck and the other Singalongz: Me Me the Cat, Ruftee the Dog and Cobey the Bear are made by Wow!.  Each has its own personality and unique singing style.  The plush toys are very cute and cuddly and kids will love them!

Singalongz cost £29.99 RRP and can be purchased from Amazon and other good stockists.

Our Opinion:  Singalongz are a lot of fun and will be hilariously entertaining for all the family...just imagine Nana singing a Christmas Carol after a couple of sherries accompanied by a funny voiced animal!  If you are giving it as a Christmas present, don't forget the batteries!!


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