Monday, 19 November 2012

12 Toys of Christmas #6

Do you have a child who loves science or is a wannabe eco-warrior?  If so, Great Gizmo's have a great range of kits that encourage children to experiment while learning about the environment in a really fun and inspiring way.  Children love science and it is a great subject for both girls and boys to explore.  My 10 year old Kizzy loves science kits where she can conduct an experiment and learn fascinating facts in the process.

green science, great gizmos
Green Rocket

Environmental issues are tackled head on with Great Gizmos’ Green Science range, allowing young scientists and creative minds to experiment using everyday materials. The kits focus on inspiring creativity, expanding knowledge and developing skills.  One of the kits in the range is the Green Rocket set.

The Green Rocket set lets you enjoy making and launching a rocket by recycling two drink bottles and a few magazine pages. By stamping on the empty bottle, you make your rocket fly up to 25 metres (80ft) in the air! Its's a cool green science project where children get to learn the underlying principles of the physics involved in the experiment. 

The Green Science Green Rocket Science Kit contains: 1 Stand Arm, 1 Launch Tube, 1 Flexible Pipe, 2 Bottle Connector Halves, 2 Pipe Clamp Halves, 2 Foam Rocket Heads, 12 Fin Templates, 2 Rocket Templates, 3 Screws, 1 Set Small Nuts and Bolts, 1 Set Large Nuts, Bolts, Washer and Split Washer, 1 Double Sided Adhesive Tape, a full instruction guide with fun facts. Ages 8+


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