Friday, 16 November 2012

Now That's What I Call Music Trivia Box

Music loving kids will love to show off their pop knowledge by playing this fast paced trivia game based on the incredibly successful Now That's What I Call Music series.

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With over 400 questions from the 80's to the present day this is a great game for all the family.  Cards include some interesting factoids to expand your music knowledge further.

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You have to answer questions to stay in each round and the last player in wins a picture card.  First to win three picture cards is the winner!  You have to watch out for Steal cards though, as they can change the direction of the game in an instant.

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We were sent a set to try out for ourselves.  We found that getting into teams of two worked best so we covered all the chart eras, with grown-ups covering the 80's and the younger players covering the more up to date stuff.  The multiple choice questions gave everyone a good chance of guessing the correct answer if they weren't sure.  There is nothing worse than having difficult questions that no one can answer in a trivia game, but this set had a good balance of music questions which kept the game play flowing nicely and keeping all the players actively involved.

It;s nice to have some games that everyone can enjoy, that don't rely on electricity to play them.  It would be ideal for travelling as the cards are compact and there is no board or playing pieces required.

We do enjoy family quizzes and so this is a great edition to our trivia games.  Teenager Ella had the best musical knowledge for playing this game and I think this would be a great Christmas gift for young music loving teens.

It is £8.99 RRP and can be purchased direct from the Now website.


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