Monday, 19 September 2011

Mumentum Update

I am keeping religiously to my diet aided by my Thinking Slimmer Slimpod this week.  In the three weeks that I have been focused on a return to being somewhat virtuous, I have lost a further 12 lbs.  In this time I have had a family party for the MIL and FIL's birthdays that involved a meal out and a cake buffet at my house.  I ate a leek and mushroom shepherd's pie with vegetables and that was it.  Not even a piece of cream cake or cheesecake passed my lips.  Seeing what was left of the puddings, I thought about how I would have finished it all off without even thinking before.  But I just did not want to eat it which is such a revelation.  I binned a load of cake that had been sat out all day...that is unheard of for me.  I would have had cake for breakfast rather than waste it...but the thought of consuming Morisson's BOGOF Frozen Cheesecakes just did not justify the calorie consumption involved.

Thinking Slimmer
12lbs lighter.
I do have an ulterior motive to my resolve however.  I have a photoshoot for a national newspaper in London on Wednesday, that has scared me into 100% commitment! (More on this to follow!)  I hope that when the pressure is off, I can still find the motivation to keep the weightloss going.  I want to ease off a bit so I can enjoy the occasional takeaway or quality dessert, but I don't want to plummet down the slippery slope to gluttony.

Balance is always the thing that has been difficult for me.  I'm either 100% resolve or I'm just plain greedy.  I was watching the documentary about Claire from Steps and I could relate to her issues with food completely. Like me, she could lose weight if there was a purpose behind it, otherwise the lure of the naughty but nice takes control.  I'm really hoping this time is different and I can find a happy balance that allows me to enjoy food but still maintain my weightloss.  I think this is where the Slimpods win, as long as I want them to work they will.  This is definitely my greatest long term challenge and possibly the greatest challenge I've ever faced in my life as a yo-yo dieter.

In the last 2 years my weight has tipped the scales over the 16 stone mark...I'm now 3 stone lighter, but my aim is to lose another half a stone and then maintain it, without the wild fluctuations I have experienced over and over again.

I have a terrible self-image of my body, but the whole hypnosis thing has really helped improve my confidence and self-belief.  I can see a change in myself and I want to keep working on that.  I'm not happy yet...but I hope I will be soon.


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