Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Horrible Science Explosive Experiments

I think this is the toy that has elicited the biggest squeal of joy from Kizzy.  The Horrible History Explosive Experiments kit from Toys R Us is a tantalising box containing the equipment needed to carry out six experiments.  You just need to add a few household items to complete the experiments.

The kit included the Top Secret Lab Notebook which is done in the style of the Horrible Science books and includes cartoons, information, fun facts and instructions for the experiments.  There are ideas for further experiments and explanations of the science behind the results.

Kizzy chose to do the Snot Experiment!!  This entailed mixing the Slime Powder into some hot water so it was very simple to carry out.  Once the mixture has been left for a few minutes, it is ready to handle.  This was a messy affair which Kizzy absolutely loved!  It demonstrates the properties of matter as it can behave as both a solid and a liquid.  So it is educational as well as fun.  

Other experiments include making a rocket, an exploding volcano, a lava lamp and fireworks (don't worry, they are made using food colouring and vegetable oil and not gun powder!) Attention is given to safety rules and there is advice for supervising adults.  The kit is recommended for ages 10+ (Kizzy is almost 9 and I felt she was old enough to carry out the experiment with supervision.)  For £15.99 this is a great set which is perfect for budding scientists.

Kizzy said "It was really fun and I love the style of the Horrible Science Lab Notework.  It was really interesting and funny."


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