Monday, 5 September 2011

Going Potty with Boots

Freddy is now 26 months old and getting ready to take his giant leap into big boy-dom!  We are about to embark in earnest into the potty training stage.  We have had a few false starts.  I also thought that the Summer Holidays were not the best time to begin.  We did so many outings, day trips and short breaks, adding the demands of a nappy-less toddler to the proceedings would have been a nightmare.  I remember the frantic searches for toilets and the disaster of incidents involving soggy trousers only too well!  I'm in no hurry to make my life more difficult than it needs to be until I am good and ready!

But with the kids back at school this week, me and Freddy will be at home throughout the day which is a great opportunity to try again.  The lovely people at Boots are helping me out and have sent me some of their potty training products to try.  I received a Potty and a Padded Trainer Seat...both in pink!  Although Freddy is of course a little boy, in the name of gender neutral parenting I was perfectly happy to introduce Fred to his new pink accessories!  After all they are only going to be pooped on!

The potty is a basic model which is a bargain at £3.05.  You could keep one upstairs and one downstairs, have one in the car and a spare at the grandparents' house at that price!  It is functional, a good size with wide back and sides for comfort.  It's cheap and cheerful!  Available in pink and blue...but remember you don't need to conform to gender stereotypes!!

The Padded Trainer Seat fits onto the adult toilet seat giving a comfy place for your toddler to sit.  Freddy actually seems happier perched on the big toilet than sat on a potty for pro-longed periods.  And although he is yet to perform, his confidence is encouraging.  The seat is just £7.15 which is reasonable.  My only concern is that the part of the seat that sits on the adult toilet seat is quite small, meaning that it can slide around so I wouldn't leave Fred unattended (lest he slid off the loo!)  Otherwise it is a really good product, especially as it is so soft making it perfect for little botties to sit on!

Boots also sent me a Caryy Pack of their Active Fit nappies to try out.  They are designed for both rest and play allowing baby to move freely.

The nappy has extra stretchy sides for a secure and comfortable fit, an ergonomically designed shape with elasticated leg cuffs that prevent leaks and allow movements.  A super absorbent core locks away moisture keeping baby dry.  They have a cute animal character design and velcro tabs.  I was very impressed by the performance of the nappy and at just £4.99 for a pack of 26 Maxi size (for 15-40lbs) they are a good alternative to more expensive brands found in Boots.  Hopefully our nappy days will soon be over, but until then I'm happy to use these on Fred.

To top it all, Boots are currently offering 3 for 2 on a range of thousands of mix and match baby products (the cheapest is free!)  Full details can be found on the website here.  And don't forget you can collect Advantage Points too!  Another great reason to shop at Boots!


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