Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sacla...Creative Cooking with Crunch

Sacla has launched Pangrattato...crispy baked breadcrumbs used by Italians to add crunch to pasta.  In Southern Italy, they shower their pasta dishes with Pangrattato adding flavour and texture.  Borne out of "la cucina povera" or "poor cooking", this delicious innovation was created following years of economic hardship where frugality and invention lead to nothing being wasted in Southern Italian kitchens.

Now Sacla has launched Pangrattato with two great flavours Fiery Chilli and Garlic & Herb, we here in the UK can enjoy the same crunchiness and flavour to add something extra to our cooking.

It's a healthier low fat alternative to parmesan cheese on your pasta.  Authentically Italian, breadcrumbs are simply baked in olive oil and naturally spiced.  They don't only add  punch and pizzazz to pasta, they are a versatile addition to a whole host of other dishes too!

Try sprinkling and baking on Shepherd's Pie, Stuffed Mushrooms, Macaroni or Cauliflower Cheese.  Sprinkle on salads or over anything that is crying out for a little bit of extra bite and tasty texture.  It makes dinners distinctively different!

I was sent a tub of each to try and I can confirm they are delicious.  Served sprinkled over Lentil Bolognese, the Garlic and Herb Crunch was a great change to cheese...and contained fewer calories and saturated fats.  The Fiery Chilli Crunch sprinkled on natural yogurt on top of Five Bean Chilli was a really interesting twist.  They were nicely spiced and added texture.  They are really delicious...a simple idea, but really effective.  I'll be getting more creative with them for sure!

Pangrattato is available from Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado for £1.99.

Why not join Sacla and become one of their special fans on Facebook ...perfect for Italian Food Lovers!  Visit the website for inspiration, product information and recipes at


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