Monday, 12 September 2011

Mumentum...I'm In a Newsletter!

I'm in the Thinking Slimmer Newsletter!!  So I decided to share their article here as my Mumentum post. 

Binge-eater Wendy's new skinny jeans prove our latest Slimpod's a winner!

By Sandra Roycroft-Davis, Founder of Thinking Slimmer

WHEN we create new Slimpods they need to pass the toughest tests we can find before we make them available to our customers. So when we wanted to put our unique Drop Two Jeans Sizes Slimpod through its paces we couldn’t have picked a better person than binge-eater Wendy McDonald.

She confesses the worst thing she’s ever done is sneak upstairs and eat the three selection boxes she’d bought her kids for Christmas. “I wolfed down 10 choccie bars in one go and I wasn’t even hungry,” she says. “That was shameful.”

Today Wendy, 42, from Shropshire, (pictured below) has beaten her eating mania for good and gone from a size 16/18 to a neat size 12 with the combined help of Drop Two Jeans Sizes and our Chocoholic Cure.

I was a yo-yo dieter

“After my first child I put on five stone,” she says. “Since then I have been a yo-yo dieter and a binge eater. I had no stop button. I would keep stuffing my face without ever feeling full or sick. I used to overeat even though I wasn’t hungry.

“I was hugely sceptical about Thinking Slimmer but to my amazement I couldn’t believe the difference in my life. In the first two weeks I lost 11 lbs!

"That damaging binge eating I’d suffered with for years just went! No more three packets of biscuits for elevensies, no more pigging out on chocolate. My body breathed a sigh of relief that I had stopped abusing it at last.

“I used to eat a 200g bar of Cadbury's Wholenut in one sitting - now I have nothing.  I have breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I even have a little bowl of ice cream or a lolly for pudding, so I’m not being deprived of goodies.  I simply don’t want to eat more than that.  Result.

Confident again

 “If I want to confirm my Slimpod’s
a success I just look at the size 12 clothes hanging in my wardrobe. Today, I felt confident enough to brave the clothes shops again and have bought myself new skinny jeans, some tops, underwear and a dress.

"It was empowering to be able to do so without thinking that there wasn’t any point to me having new clothes. I’m going to bag up all my size 16 clothes and give them to a charity shop, so there is no going back.

The new Drop 2 Jean Size Slimpod is now available from Thinking Slimmer.  The visualisation is more specific to those of us who wear jeans rather than dresses!


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