Monday, 5 September 2011

Gaining Some Mumentum

Over the Summer, I've had lots of opportunities to over indulge with stays in hotels, all you can eat buffets and day trips with fast food.  Although I've not slipped back into my self-destructive binge eating (thanks to my Thinking Slimmer Slimpod which seems to have 'cured' that part of my pysche), I haven't had the best diet.  Some days, I did not eat my 5 a day *slaps wrist* and other days ended up with us having to eat out in McDonald's through sheer lack of choice when out and about.  So although I haven't undone the weightloss I achieved, I haven't lost any more weight.

Now the kids are going back to school and the non-stop activity of the holidays draws to a close, I've got the luxury of concentrating on myself again in terms of what I consume.  This should result in me feeling a lot better and hopefully begin the weightloss again.

For three days now I've returned to the religious listening to Trevor and my Slimpod.  For breakfast I'm having Special K with So Good soya milk.  Lunch is veggie soup and fruit.  Dinner is a Quorn Steak, rice and vegetables.  I also snack on fruit and raw carrots to top up my 5 a day quota.  I drink black decaff coffee and have one glass of fruit juice a day.  It's been really hunger pangs, no cravings...fingers crossed I'll be reporting back with some results soon!

As Helen pointed out, it's just 16 weeks until Christmas!  How lovely it will be to look exactly how we all want to look...good luck ladies!


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