Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Five Things I Want You to Know About Your Father

Friday Club

Your Father Saved Me.
I was lost inside myself and he rescued me.  He knew everything and never judged me. He waited until I was ready to be saved and was there.

Your Father is Strong
I know it appears that I wear the trousers in this relationship, but it isn't because your dad is in any way weaker than me.  We are a team.  We work together to our strengths.  Your dad is strong enough to recognise that I am the control freak and he allows me to take charge.  That is a sign of real strength.

Your Father Loves You All Unconditionally
We have never once used the word "step" to prefix any relationship in our family.  Regardless of biology you are all equal in your dad's eyes.  Even in our most private moments he has never once shown any preference over any child.  You are all his and he is so proud of that.  He is honoured to be your dad.

Your Father Knows Me
I am complicated.  Living with me is not always easy but your father accepts that as a part of me.  He knows me better than anyone.  Never doubt our relationship.  Don't think that he doesn't understand me or holds anything against me.  If I get down and take it out on him, he knows I don't mean what I say.  He doesn't retaliate.  He is calm.  He is my rock.  I am tethered to him and he reels me in when I am ready.

Your Father Is So Proud of You
Your dad comes from an undemonstrative family.  He never felt that his mother was proud of him, although in hindsight he is sure she must have been in her own way.  He never, ever wants you to feel that he is disappointed in you in any way.  Every achievement big or small swells his heart with pride.  He never compares you against each other...he loves your uniqueness and the qualities that make each of you so special.  Joe, he loves how you are thriving in the workplace.  He always said that would be where you shone. He loves that he is your hero and your role model.  Megan, your dad loves how you prove everyone wrong .   You sailed through school a year ahead of yourself in spite of all the so-called experts saying you wouldn't cope out of your peer group. You are so strong but he loves that you still need him.  Ella, your dad loves that you have followed in his love of music.  Your guitar playing is a gift that is so special.  Your tenacity and natural talent amazes him. Kizzy, your dad thinks you are a star.  He loves how you jump into things with both feet and meet challenges head on.  He is so pleased with your attitude to learning and how you've turned your school experience around.  You make him laugh.  Freddy, your dad thinks you are a trooper.  You have stormed through everything you have come up against since you were born.  You make him smile with your antics.  You are a joy to him.

Never, ever doubt your father for a moment.  He will always be there for us all....this I know without question.  We are his life and the reason behind everything he does.  We are truly blessed to have him.

This post is for the Friday Carnival at Notes From Home.


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