Monday, 12 September 2011

Christmas is Coming...Gift Ideas for Children!

The evenings are drawing in, the weather is taking a turn for the worse, my Christmas holiday is all booked wonder my mind is drifting to thoughts of the festive season.

Very soon the shops will be full of the latest must have Christmas toys so I thought I'd take a look at some of the products that I loved at the UK Christmas in July event.

Zhu Zhu Pets

These adorable electronic hamsters were one of last year's top toys and since then, the range has increased adding more characters and play sets to make this brand even more irresistible.  The interactive and realistic pets are artificially intelligent and will explore their environment.  They squeak and scurry providing unpredictable fun.  With an ever increasing range of styles and accessories including hamster balls, cars and play houses, the fun just keeps growing.  They are cute, cuddly and entertaining.  They are even about to star in their own movie "Quest for Zhu" so don't miss out on this phenomena!

Schleich Bayala

Schleich produce the most beautiful models.  The range includes the World of Nature including farm animals and wild life,  World of History including knights, heroes and pre-historic creatures , and the World of Fantasy including Smurfs and Bayala.

Bayala is a fantasy land where beautiful elves live in harmony with nature and other fantasy creatures.  Characters and mystical creatures can be put together to create scenes perfect for imaginative play, immersing a child in a world of make believe.  The detail is beautiful.  The Scenery Packs include exclusive items, not available separately, which add to the play value of the range.  The Noctis Scenery Pack includes the dark Arelan warrior Noctis, his stunning panther and the impressive camp fire.  The lovely models are so detailed and made to the highest quality.  A beautiful range for any collector.

My World, My Body

Gibson Games have a fabulous range of puzzles for children.  One such educational, pre-school puzzle is "My Body" which I think is just brilliant.  It is a set of two puzzles made using chunky, quality card, that depict internal and external body parts.  Oval shaped spaces in the 36 and 50 piece puzzles identify the body part pictured, teaching early biology skills.  Fun Facts are included which my 8 year old loves.  Did you know we have the same number of bones in our neck as a giraffe??  Tips for extending the gameplay are suggested to encourage discussion and enhance the experience for both child and parent.  They compliment Early Learning Objectives and government guidelines for children aged 0-7.  For just £8.99 it is a great puzzle with an added educational element.
Deluxe Charm Bracelet Set

The current trend for charm bracelets can prove to be a pricey one.  Looking into a jeweller's shop yesterday I looked at the Pandora beads and charms that were selling for upwards of £25 each!  My Style has a fun alternative for young girls who want to create their own unique jewellery.  The Deluxe Charm set includes everything you need to have hours of fantastic fun using beautiful, coloured clays to make gorgeous and unique beads.  The high quality components are designed to ensure a superior and stunning result.  The silver rivets, charms and special effect components really give a superb end product.  The beads and charms can be added to the bracelets to make a lovely gift for someone special or for yourself.

I think this is a great idea for a craft set with impressive results.  The instructions are really clear.  The clay can be twisted or marbled to make attractive coloured beads which are then oven baked with the rivet inside.  The potential for creating different looks is great, giving the child the freedom to express themselves through their finished piece of jewellery.  For just £19.99, it's a lot cheaper than buying Pandora Beads and much more fun!


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