Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Grooming Tips For Your Man

Once upon a time, beauty treatments were considered something that only women were interested in.  But how times have changed!  Nowadays, guys are just as interested in looking good as the ladies.  The male grooming market is an ever growing industry, with fabulous products designed to keep our men at their best.

Just launched are five new products to add to the  Natural male grooming products by Montagne Jeunesse for Men .  They are hassle free, straight talking and don't take themselves too seriously.  They rid skin of grease and grime and keep skin squeaky clean and refreshed. Our men's skin will be as smooth as Barry White's voice.

Like all Montagne Jeunesse products, they are suitable for vegetarians and are made using natural products, bursting with goodness.  They are as eco-friendly as possible 'nourishing your skin and soul'.  

The Cardiff Blues Rugby Team have put the range through its paces. They were only too willing proving that even the manliest men care about their appearance. They loved it, proving that a 'Masked Attack is the best Defence' against the daily assault that our skin has to endure.  Skin is kept hydrated, refreshed and clean, making men look good and feel good!  They tried out the Dirt and Grime Clean self warming sauna mask, the Morning After Scrub with charcoal and pumice, the Zap Them Peel Off Mask, the Blackhead Mask with liquorice and the mineral rich Eye Rescue patches.  This is Real Mud for Real Men!!

I was sent a selection of Montagne Jeunesse For Men products to try out on my own lovely husband.  After all if it's good enough for the Cardiff Blues, then it is good enough for Ian.  My hubby is not the sort of guy who waxes, fake tans or wears guyliner...but he cares about his appearance (albeit an unclean-shaven, rather stubbly appearance!)  So he was game to be groomed Montagne Jeunesse style. 

He was quite happy to be pampered with the Dirt and Grime Clean Mask, a real exotic hottie.  The self-warming properties of the mask open the pores to draw out impurities. The spicy Cinnamon and Ginger smelt gorgeous (quite Christmasy!!) It rinsed off in the shower leaving Ian's skin glowing and feeling clean and smooth.    He said he felt really refreshed and invigorated...I think he is going to get a taste for male grooming!
So why not treat your man, or give him a nudge to get his own Montagne Jeunesse for Men products.  I always pop a few sachets of Montagne Jeunesse products in my older girls' Christmas My 23 year old son and Ian will also be receiving some!

Like Montagne Jeunesse for Men on Facebook for up to date news.  You can also enter Montagne Jeunesse for Men's fabulous competition to win an Ultimate Rugby World Cup House Party which includes a 50" TV!! Details can be found here!  But hurry it closes on September 30th!!

Montagne Jeunesse For Men products are priced from just £1.09, they are available from Morisson's, Asda and


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