Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Win with Aldi's Award Winning Ranges

Aldi have been doing it again!  That is, they have been winning more awards, receiving more glowing reviews in the press and scoring a real victory for value!  They are also helping me celebrate my blogaversary with an exciting product giveaway at the end of this post!!

Over the summer Aldi notched up 99 awards for its quality products, going against products costing much more to buy.  Aldi have won 33 awards for their wines and spirits this year including a Best In Class for their Oliver Cromwell 1599 Premium Gin. The Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards has awarded two of Aldi's products that I have been sent to test out.

The Diplomat Speciality Tea sells at just 99p for a 125g of 50 quality tea bags.  We received the Afternoon Ceylon tea bags which have a delicate and uplifting flavour.  The tea was very light and refreshing, perfect served black.

The Choceur Belgian Milk Chocolate is made from the finest Fairtrade Cocoa Beans and costs just 99p for a 100g bar.  It is smooth, creamy and comparable to premium brands.  Well deserving of its award!

Which? has recently awarded three Aldi products with their Best Buy award.  Magnum washing-up liquid is just 59p a bottle and in tests washed 11,750 plates.  It out performed Fairy which has gone unbeaten in 20 years!  To wash an equivalent number of plates with Fairy would cost £1.97.  Penny for penny, Aldi is a top performer.  The Magnum All in 1 scored as the best dishwasher tablets and cost just £3.99 for a 40 pack.  The Del-Rivo Orange Juice came top in consumer taste tests against all the leading premium brands but is just £1.29 a litre.

In addition to this, Aldi's Lacura Beauty Range is receiving lots of positive attention from the press.  It is award-winning beauty at a beautiful price!

The range looks so much more expensive than it is with its sleek packaging.  No wonder it has attracted the attention of beauty writers and has won awards from the Celebs on Sunday Beauty Survey.  These are premium products at affordable prices.

The Lip Gloss is just £1.99.  It adds instant gloss and shine and comes in a range of colours to suit every look.  It is perfect for both day and night and fits into your handbag for glossing on the go!

The Concealer Pen contains light reflecting particles to cover and conceal fine lines and dark shadows.  It has an applicator push button for easy use.  The fragrance free formula hides signs of fatigue which is perfect for me as I try to cope with the school runs again!  It really works well and at just £3.59 is an absolute bargain.

The Shimmering Day Cream has light reflecting pigments which add a silky, shimmering effect to skin.  The light, creamy gel is enriched with Defensil to condition and protect skin.  It goes on easily and feels light as it absorbs so quickly.  It is good on sensitive skin.  It costs just £1.99 for a 50ml bottle which is incredible for such a luxurious product.

The most exciting product in the Lacura range is their premium product Wrinkle Stop.  This product created quite a buzz when it was first launched.  Here's some of the quotes:

"Snake venom has inspired a new anti-wrinkle cream that offers a recession-busting alternative to Botox"
OK! Online 9th April 2009

"DIY - Lacura Wrinkle Stop is the anti-ageing skin pen that everyone is talking about, containing Syn-Ake, a man-made version of a protein found in the venom of an Asian snake which is proven to show up to a 52 percent reduction in wrinkles after 28 days"
Marie Claire 1st November 2009

"My lines didn't disappear completely, but they are definitely less evident. For the price, it can't be beaten"
Woman's Own 19th October 2009

Chat Magazine awarded it "Best Wrinkle Beater" in 2009.  The product comes in a syringe shaped pot which is a clever's like botox in a bottle!  The science behind the product says:

This oil free, anti-ageing cream called Wrinkle Stop contains a key active ingredient - Syn-Ake. Syn-Ake is a synthetic substance which mimics the effect of a protein found in the venom of the Temple Viper Snake. Amino acids found in the venom block nerve signals telling muscles to contract, which helps to stop wrinkles forming as well as smoothing out the skin, producing a wrinkle free appearance. It has been proven to help reduce forehead wrinkles by 53% and crow's feet by 24% after 28 days.

The product is thin so goes a long way as you apply it directly to your problem areas.  It is one of the hero range of beauty products which rivals the famous high street brands with huge price tags.  This is an absolute must have at £4.99!


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