Monday, 12 September 2011

Sensodyne - A Breakthrough in Dental care

Repair and Protect Sensitive Teeth

Sensodyne have introduced their Repair and Protect Toothpaste for sensitive teeth.  It is the first daily fluoride based toothpaste that contains Novamin technology.  The unique formula releases the natural building blocks of teeth and starts to build a reparative layer from the first use. With twice daily brushing it can build the protective layer  in as little as five days.  It offers clinically proven relief and daily protection alongside the benefits of an ordinary toothpaste.

I was sent some to try out.  I have sensitive teeth myself and so was keen to see if this toothpaste would live up to the claims.  I have been using it twice daily for the past few weeks.

The taste is very minty which I liked and there was no chalky residue left on my teeth after brushing, so my mouth felt really clean.  The toothpaste claims to actually repair vulnerable areas as well as treat the pain of sensitive teeth.  I get my sensitive teeth twinges mostly from sweet food and cold air (especially the air con in my car if it's blowing in my face...that really gives me grief!)  Since using the toothpaste I don't recall any tooth pain.  I've not experienced any discomfort at all from my everyday life including hot and cold food and drink.  Iced cold drinks and hot coffee are not giving me any problems at all.

I can't say whether or not my reparative layer has been rebuilt, which is the science behind the product...but I definitely can say that my teeth hurt a lot less than when using an ordinary toothpaste that isn't specifically for sensitive teeth!  That has to be good!

Priced at £3.99 from chemists and other major stockists, it's a small price to pay for a toothpaste that can actually repair the damage that causes sensitive teeth.


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