Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Gallery....Guilty Pleasures

In the current economic climate, I'm constantly telling my eldest the importance of saving money and not wasting cash on unnecessary items.  I'm always telling him not to eat out because you could buy a week's worth of food for the price of a single dinner!  However, I am the biggest hypocrite because my guilty pleasure is the joys of the coffee shop!

I know I could buy a 200g jar of Nescafe for the cost of one Grande Mocha...but I don't care.  I love sitting in the plush leather chair, sniffing the aroma of coffee in the air, reading the newspaper and watching the world go by.  

Sometimes (if I'm not dieting) I'll throw in a muffin and a mozzarella panini.  Not much change out of a twenty!  I could save a fortune if I didn't have a Coffee Shop habit!  But until I manage to overcome my will remain my Guilty Pleasure!


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