Monday, 5 September 2011

Back to School Style for Mums...Seriously?!

This year it seems that not only the kids are worrying about how they look in their new uniforms as the school year begins.  Apparently the mums are spending just as much time, cash and effort on their school run outfits as the playground turns into a runway with wannabe yummy mummies dressing to impress.  Supermodels Claudia Schiffer and Elle Macpherson are being blamed for the latest trend, which is seeing mums up and down the country stressing about what they wear as they roll up to the school gates in the morning.

Shops are cashing in on this phenomena offering ideas for Back to School chic.  Now, I'm sorry, is it just me but..SERIOUSLY?!?  It's about all I can do to haul my sorry carcass out of bed at the start of the school term, let alone worry about what I'm wearing.  My hair is lucky if it gets a brush and as for make-up *snorts*.  Come tomorrow morning, my priority is to get my girls out of bed, washed, dressed, fed and delivered to the school gates in time, whilst little brother Freddy comes along for the ride (probably clad in his PJ's and clutching a piece of toast and marmite!)  How on earth would a mother find the time to pamper and preen herself before slinking into the latest fashionable attire?  School mornings are a maelstrom of frantic rushing around, searching for school bags, plimsoles and lunchboxes.  How on earth would anyone have the luxury of getting dolled up in their school-run outfit whilst this is going on?

Now, don't get me wrong, I draw the line at wearing pyjamas out of the house and I'm certainly not about to show my face in my thermal two-piece!  But for me my "school run" uniform consists of the same clothing I wear any other day...jeans, T-shirt and Conserve...sans make-up!

There is so much pressure put upon women to conform to the media stereotypes, but expecting us to doll up for the school run is one step too far.  What about focusing on our kids and letting them have the limelight as they turn up looking crisp, smart and ready to learn.  Do we really have to compete with other mums who will judge our dress sense?  If I'm not in Hollister am I less of a mother?  Does my penchant for buying my clothing from the River Island sale rack mean I will be judged by the bang on trend fashionistas?  Will I be outlawed for failure to comply with the current colour-blocking fashion?  Regardless to the answer to these questions...I honestly couldn't care less!

So I will be school running in my usual mum-uniform.  Comfortable, practical, probably a little bit covered with sticky toddler hand prints and dishevelled by the morning's chaos...but do you know what, I wear what I like.  If you don't like it...tough!!

I will dress up for special occasions, weddings, parties, hot dates with my hubby (albeit a rare event!) and fancy days out....I refuse to dress up for the school run!


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