Monday, 26 September 2011

Mumentum...The Exercise Begins

I've been doing well with the weight loss, inspired (or terrified!) by the photoshoot for The Sun last week. The good eating continues to be easy (I love my Slimpod!!  I just don't spend all day craving food has really liberated me.)  My story is up on the Thinking Slimmer website this week.  I only have to look at my 'fat pic' to know it is all worth the effort!

Exercise has been a real nemesis to me however.  Over the years I have struggled to find an exercise regime that didn't cripple me.  I have a spinal defect that just does not like exercise...even yoga and pilates caused me problems.  After one Pilates session I couldn't walk for three days!  So the exercise dwindled.  Running about with the kids and family walks have been my only exercise.  I've tried crunches to get my tummy flat, but struggled to lift my head off the floor (much to the amusement of the kids!)  I have zero strength in my stomach muscles...they are so weak after giving birth to Freddy it is laughable.  The two halves of my muscle did not knit back together like they are meant to, and despite mentioning it to my doctor at my six week check, no further investigations were done and I've learnt to ignore the fact that you can poke your fingers into my intestines through my tummy!  Having confirmation of my blown stomach muscles from fitness expert Nicki Waterman who interviewed me for the article in The Sun, was the incentive I needed to start working on my abs, before surgery becomes the only option to fix my core muscles.

She told me that doing a Plank was the best way to knit the two sides of my wayward muscles together.  From that night I've Planked several times a day!  At first I could barely hold my position for 10 seconds, but I'm now lasting just short of a full minute.  It is amazing to see a difference already.  I might not be doing it absolutely perfectly with my bum sticking in the air rather than having a perfectly aligned body, but the tone of my belly has improved noticeably so it's doing some good!  Fingers crossed this will help pull everything together and tone up my tum.

Here is an instructional video in case you want to have a go at flattening your tummy too.

Good luck to all you other Mumentum ladies!  Together we can do it!


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