Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My Day as a Model!

I am actually feeling quite exhausted!  Spending the day as a model on a photoshoot is not as easy as it looks!  Clothing changes, make-up touch ups, striking poses...all while wearing 5" ill fitting heels is a real art!  But I survived and had a fab time!

I was invited to do a photoshoot for The Sun as a Thinking Slimmer success story.  I've been one of Sandra's Slimpod triallists since November 2010 and have found the results to be life changing.  My yo-yo diet lifestyle finally seems to be a thing of the past.  The three stone within which my weight fluctuated seems to be gone for good.  I still have a stone to lose before I feel completely safe, but I've gone from a 16/18 to a size 12 and feel more positive about my life than ever before.

Today I got up at silly o'clock and hopped on  a train to Euston where I was met by Sandra.  A cab took us to Click Studios where my day as a 'model' began.  I was transformed by a make-up artist to the stars!!  My hair was curled and my face painted with a range of Mac make-up that would have made my make-up-obsessed 9 year old drool!  A range of fabulous new season clothing from Debenhams arrived for me to try on.  I have been having anxiety dreams about nothing fitting me, and being sent away shame-faced for being a dieting I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I wriggled my way into a pair of size 12 Julien MacDonald Star jeans.  I tried on a selection of tops and some wicked heeled shoes.  When they were happy with my look I stepped out into the studio (although my stepping was more hobbling in the heels!)

The photographer got me to 'bend my leg', 'pop my hip' , 'drop my chin', 'tilt my head' and adopt shapes that were straight from Modelling 101!  He complimented my natural smile and made me feel at ease.

Next stop was a dress that looked very 50's.  With the make-over and the dress I looked exactly like my mum used to.  It was a bit uncanny!  More posing, more killer heels and another clothes change and I was done.  It was quite a work out...seriously!

Celebrity nutritionist Amanda Ursell and fitness expert Nicki Waterman were on hand to chat to me about my lifestyle and my journey and offered me advice.  I asked Nicki about my ruptured stomach muscles following Freddy's pregnancy and birth.  She had me lie down in the middle of the studio and gave my stomach a poke and told me that me muscles are still not knitted together properly which is why I struggle to exercise and get a toned tummy.  She showed me somethings I could do and is going to help me.  Hopefully it will work...otherwise I might need surgery!! *gulps*

It was an amazing experience, and the article will be in The Sun shortly.  I took a few photos of myself all glammed up, but look forward to seeing the full length shots.  I have to cast from my mind the fact that thousands of people are going to see me in the paper...or I'll get all panicky!!  (I hope they airbrush the finished result!!  I want the same treatment as the celebrities!!)

If you are yet to discover Thinking Slimmer Slimpods, check out their life changing products at  They have literally changed the way I think about food and given me a freedom from so many of my issues.  If you think they could help you...don't hesitate!

Thanks again to the wonderful Sandra from Thinking Slimmer for this amazing opportunity :) xxx


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