Thursday, 1 September 2011

Real People is Out Today!

Back in July I had the amazing experience of being a Guest Editor for Real People Magazine.  It was an incredibly fun packed adventure from the moment I stepped off the train in Euston.  I lived a lifestyle that was so far removed from being a mum and housewife in Shropshire, I had a real taste of what it must be like to be a professional woman in the fast paced world of magazine journalism in London.

Arriving at Nat Mags and meeting the other 2 Guest Editors and their travel partners and Editor  Samm Taylor.
It was so interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes of a national publication. Being a weekly magazine, everything was so fast moving and the atmosphere was buzzing.  We were involved in the production of a front cover watching its progress from concept to completion.  The attention to detail was quite amazing, ensuring that the cover caught your eye from the shelf.

Seeing the finished front cover printed.
We took part in the editorial meeting where future stories were discussed around the table.  Some of the proposed stories showed that real life is often more unbelievable than fiction!  I loved being a part of the discussion, it was so interesting being privy to so many incredible real life stories.

Discussing possible stories to feature.
The highlight of the experience however, was being able to write my own double page spread for publication in the magazine which goes on sale today.  I joined the features team where I had my own swanky Apple Mac to use as I worked on my copy.  I was given the Mum to Mum pages to write.  The usual format involves one mum giving direct advice to another mum who has a particular problem.  However, I was given the opportunity to share my experiences directly, highlighting a problem I had overcome with each of my own children at their current stage of life.  I had free reign to tap out my thoughts on the keyboard...what an empowering feeling!  It took me much longer to do than I expected, so I chose to forego a leisurely pre-theatre evening meal in order to finish my copy. Who knew I had such workaholic tendencies!

Ready to write my copy.
Picking the photos for my feature.
In addition to this I also had the chance to recommend my Top 5 Toys and my Top 5 Blogs to run on either side of my Mum to Mum piece.  This was so tricky as I have reviewed loads of excellent toys and I read lots of great quality blogs.  Picking just five was not easy, but I tried to get a good balance.

My Top 5 Blogs who will be featured are:
Thinly Spread...Christine is an inspirational woman and a fellow veggie!
Northern Mum...she makes me laugh!
Working London Mummy...I love the photography, the recipes and the passion for food.
Red Ted Art...great ideas for getting crafty with the kids.
and yes I did recommend my own blog!

My Top 5 Toys are:
Molkky...the outdoor game from Finland
John Crane Stack-Up Cubes...they stack over 1 metre tall which delights Freddy!
Wow Dexter the Digger...the tough and lovable digger.
My First JCB Talking Joey...a friendly character who speaks as he works.
Bladez Pump and Play...Giant Remote Controlled toys.

We were made to feel like part of the team during our stay with Real people.  It was a marvellous experience that I will look back on and remember for years to come as the time when I had a go at a "proper job!!"  Editor Samm Taylor was absolutely brilliant and I can't thank her or the Real People team enough for the incredible opportunity I was given.

Guest Beauty Ed Leanne, Editor Samm Taylor, Guest Agony Aunt  Carol and me posing in the offices!
Receiving a framed copy of our pages from the lovely Samm Taylor.

Real People costs just why not pop out and buy the special Guest Editors' edition!

My Very Own Double Page Feature!!

You can follow Real People on Facebook ...they are a lovely bunch of folk!

*Thank you to photographer Ester Segarra for taking the photos and for Sue Miles for sending them to me to use on my blog*


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