Friday, 2 September 2011

Fab Effex from Spin Master

Kizzy loves getting crafty and making things so when she received a Fab Effex  Dress 'n' Design Dolls set to try out she was delighted!  Fab Effex is a new wax backed craft material that you can bend, mould and stick.  The set we received included doll templates so you get to design glam outfits and fabulous hairstyles using the unique fabric.

The set included three doll templates and stands, 150 pre-cut pieces and 2 sheets of the fabric.  Instructions give ideas for inspiring budding fashionistas to create stylish looks for their models!

The backing paper was easy to remove and the fabric was easily moulded to create curly hair, handbags, jaunty hats and chic dresses.  The pieces can be re-used over again and the fact that no glue is involved means little mess!

Fab Effex was great for Kizzy to play with independently.  It kept her completely occupied as she shaped handbag handles by twisting strips together, fashioned belts and created wavy hair dos from the fabric.  It was nice to see a craft set that was simple to do, had good play value and which gave a good result.  She really enjoyed styling her dolls!  The fabric can also be used to decorate books, pencils and mobile phones so you can be inventive as you like.  The Fab Effex fabric can be peeled off and is not permanent so it allows you to be experimental without any risk of ruining favourite possessions!

The Fab Effex set we received retails at £9.99.  It is available from Argos, Toys R Us, Tesco and other retailers and is recommended for ages 6+.  Other packs are available including a 3D animal set.  Refill packs of the fabric are also available.

Kizzy made a little demo video so you can see Fab Effex in action!

Check out the website at to find out more about the fabulous formable fabric!


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