Friday, 16 September 2011

My Secret Kitchen

My Secret Kitchen is the UK's first food tasting company, run by husband and wife team Clare and Phil Moran. Creating fabulous food, fantastic flavours and inspiring recipe ideas, they make meals more amazing.  The innovative products are sold by consultants who hold food tasting events in people's homes, giving their friends and family a chance to try and buy the products.  The products are also available online at the website

Food enthusiasts will love the exclusive range of My Secret Kitchen products.  New products have been launched as part of their Autumn/Winter range which will please foodies no end!

White Wine and Porcini Finishing Sauce has been launched as an accompaniment to white meat and fish. I love the fact it has been made using vegetable-based bouillon, making it suitable for vegetarians.  That is a really thoughtful touch and something I wish more companies would take note of.  So although it is designed to be poured over white meat, used in fish pie, added to chicken risotto or used to revamp turkey left-overs, it is also perfect for Quorn dishes or for adding flavour to mashed potato or for topping pasta.  The elegantly flavoured sauce combines the taste of Porcini Mushrooms and White Wine.  (RRP £5.99)

Chocolate Peppermint Sauce combines dark chocolate, vanilla and cool, fresh peppermint oil to create a creamy peppermint sauce.  It is a unique topping for profiteroles, can be added to ice-cream and desserts, can be poured over brownies or added to milk to make a soothing hot chocolate.  Alternatively it can be spooned straight from the pot...I dare you not too!  It tastes like luxury in a jar! (RRP £5.99)

Mochaccino Cookie Mix brings together coffee with dark and white Belgian chocolate chunks in a delicious cookie dough perfect for a coffee time treat.  The versatile mix not only makes cookies, but can be used to bake scones, melting moments or biscotti.  Inventive recipes offer delicious suggestions for the mix...but for me, nothing beats baking cookies with the kids! (RRP £5.99)

Other favourite products include Jumping Jack Chilli Jam which is a rich concoction of savoury onion and chilli with a dash of Kentucky Bourbon.  My Ian loves this as a pickle on cheese, where its rich and exceptional flavour and sticky consistency complements the tang of mature Cheddar perfectly.  It can also be used as an ingredient in soup or sauces or as a glaze to meats.  It is another versatile product from My Secret Kitchen. (RRP £6.49)

The range of products is inspiring and also includes the Nacho Fiesta Cheese Ball Mix, the Ultimate Chocolate Brownie Mix and the Lemon and Bergamot Shortbread Mix.  The recipe ideas are really inspiring with ideas for making the products into a variety of new dishes.  Great for inventive cooks as well as novices who want to make quality food in their own home.

If you fancy trying these products by hosting your own home tasting event, where you can also enjoy an array of rewards, contact My Secret Kitchen.  Details are here!

Also if you are a foodie who is interested in generating extra income as a consultant, full details are here.

You can also buy direct and find out more about this range at the My Secret Kitchen website.  This is an exciting company that I am delighted to have discovered!  The website makes me drool!!


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