Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Terrible Twos and Travelling with Toddlers

Freddy is now 26 months old.  The easy going baby boy now sometimes morphs into a temper throwing toddler over the simplest thing...I opened his banana wrong, I didn't let him butter his own toast, he doesn't want to take off his pyjama top or he wants to wear his sister's dress that she has on...all these have evoked tantrums!  Over the years I have learned that staying calm and finding humour in the situation is more valuable than gaining an upperhand with a two year old whose emotions have simply got out of control.  I don't make battles out of situations and try to find a suitable compromise that makes everyone happy.  This approach is saving me from getting any extra grey hairs and is maintaining my sanity, so it works for me.

A Trampoline Related Tantrum!

However I am always happy to read advice and so when Need-2-Know Publishing offered to send me some titles from their range of parenting self-help guides I chose ones relevant to Fred's stage of life.

Need-2-Know is an independent publisher with books covering many topics on the subject of Health, Lifestyle, Emotional Issues and Parenting.  They are available as both paperbacks and e-books.  The range is really comprehensive which impressed me a lot.

I opted for the Terrible Twos book.  It covers a host of areas with the following chapter headings.

  • Understanding the Terrible Twos
  • Your Child's Emotions, Behaviour and Needs
  • Freedom From Limits
  • Play Time
  • Sleep
  • Meal Times
  • Toliet Training Without Tears
  • Childcare and Early Education
  • Siblings
  • Seeking Help

Written by a parent and early years' practitioner, the book shows us that this stage of our children's lives is completely normal and empowers parents to enjoy their toddlers.  It is not written as a definitive guide, instead it explores options, gives suggestions and is sympathetic to differing parenting techniques.  I found this approach really modern and refreshing...I hate preachy childcare practioners, especially as my parenting style is sometimes quite unorthodox with my co-sleeping!  

This book is very sensitive to the child's needs and the balance between allowing the child freedom to develop and setting limits is explained well.  There are lots of  case studies and tips from other parents which gives the book a personal touch alongside its professional expertise.  It is easy to read, well laid out and good to dip into for information.

I also reviewed the Travelling With Children guide.  I am quite terrified of travelling but really want to be able to enjoy more family holidays so this seemed like a good choice for me .  It has the following chapters:

  • The Right Holiday
  • Plane, Train or Automobile?
  • Babies and Toddlers
  • Package Beach Holidays and Theme Parks
  • Camping and Caravanning
  • City Breaks
  • Off the Beaten Track
  • Skiing
  • Luxury, Cruises and Spas
  • Holidays on a Budget
  • When Things Go Wrong
There are some inspirational ideas alongside some very practical advice so it ticks all the boxes.    
The book aims to guide parents through the process of choosing a suitable family holiday and making the most of it from start to finish.  Although it applies to holidaying with all ages of children, their is  a whole section dedicated to babies and toddlers.  With tips on transport, packing, avoiding common pitfalls and what to do when things go wrong, it offers a wealth of information and advice.  The money saving ideas are very interesting and the case studies are really helpful showing how other people have managed to go on holiday and have lived to tell the tale!!  There is a list of child-friendly holiday ideas and useful contacts at the back of the book which has given me some food for thought.  I predict more holidaying for my family in 2012!

This book is perfect for nervous first time parents but also great for people like me who want to dip in for advice and ideas to make holidaying as stress-free as possible. In includes inspirational ideas alongside practical advice.

The 'When Things Go Wrong' section is very informative and I think I'll be popping my copy of this book in my suitcase when I next travel, just in case!

Take a look at Need 2 Know books to see their extensive range of titles.  Priced at £8.99-12.99 for a paperback copy and £3.99 for an e-book they are well priced and they cover a vast number of topics.  Whatever self-help guide you are looking for, Need-2-Know would be a good place to look first!



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