Thursday, 29 September 2011

Unleash Your Inner Rock God with Paper Jamz

At Christmas in July, I first discovered Paper Jamz,  WowWee Toys's range of innovative, instant rock star musical instruments.  Created using Active Graphics Technology™, touching the circuit embedded paper allows you to play like a pro.  With guitars, amps, drums, keyboard guitars and microphones, the Paper Jamz range allows you to play your instrument of choice or sing like a star instantly.  We enjoyed belting out some power chords and using vocal effects on our voices and were impressed by the quality and play value.

Christmas in July
I was lucky enough to receive a Paper Jamz Pro-Series Guitar and  Pro-Microphone from WowWee toys which my music loving kids have enjoyed testing out!  

The Paper Jamz Pro- Series Guitars are ultra thin, with an internal speaker, pre-programmed songs to play along to and with real guitar sound features.  They come in different shapes and designs so you can find the perfect one for your inner axe-man!  You can play freestyle with real chords and notes; play rhythm  or strum along to a downloaded tune (using the free Paper Jamz Pro app).  You can also perform hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides.  This toy really does beat playing air guitar!!

ThePaper Jamz Pro-Series Pro Microphone lets anyone sing like a star using voice effects which correct pitch, tunes your voice, adds depth, harmonies and dramatic vibrato effects.  It comes with two songs to sing along to or you can use the app to download your own favourite MP3s.

Kizzy demonstrates the Paper Jamz Guitar and Mic in this video...unleashing her inner rock star!

Paper Jamz are definitely a big hit in our house.  They are really simple to just pick and play and make you feel like a rock god in the making!  They are great for us non-musical types who want to embrace what it must feel like to hammer out power chords with wild abandon or sing like a pop star along to our favourite tunes.  You don't need any real skill to make a reasonable sound so even younger children can enjoy playing with them.

I would have liked to have seen the guitar come with a strap for ease of play.  They are however available to purchase separately.

Paper Jamz are available from Amazon, Argos and other good toy stockists.  Find out more at the Paper Jamz website.

The Guitars start at £19.99 RRP and the Microphone is £34.99 RRP.

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