Saturday, 24 September 2011

Pokemon...Got To Catch 'Em All

Pokemon Black and White Poke Ball Twister Figure

Pokemon has been a part of our household for a long time.  My three eldest, now aged 23, 19 and 15, were fervent fans back in the days when Ash Catchem and Pikachu used to battle other Pokemon Trainers in duels.  Over the years more and more Pokemon have been added to the original 150 and more and more merchandising has been brought out keeping Pokemon fans happy, and bringing the fun to a whole new generation!

One of the latest toys, which I have been sent to review, is a Pokemon Black and White Poke Ball Twister Figure from Bandai.  Launched in the UK following phenomenal success in Asia, the Poke Ball Twister Figure includes a figure, a weighted base and axle.

There are five different characters to collect: Tepig, Snivy and Oshawatt who come inside a Poke Ball, Zorua who comes inside a Great Ball and Axew who comes with a Quick Ball.

We were sent the reptilian Grass-Type Pokemon Snivy with his Poke Ball.  You launch Snivy into action by pulling the cord to release him spinning from within the iconic poke ball!  The character spins really well on its weighted base, whizzing across the floor.

The Poke Balls are recommended for ages 4 and up.  2 year old Freddy was intrigued by the spinning figure and enjoyed launching Snivy with adult supervision.  However it was 15 year old Ella who loved it the most.  It was a real nostalgic moment for her to release her Poke Ball!!

The Poke Ball Twister is fun but the game play would be improved by battling with other players.  Playing against other characters would add a real element of competitive fun to the proceedings....true to the spirit of Pokemon!   Firing the characters against each other would result in an impressive battle!

Priced from £9.99 and available at stockists such as Amazon and Argos, the Pokemon Black and White Poke Ball Twister Figure from Bandai will definitely be enjoyed by Pokemon fans of all ages!


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