Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Paper Jamz Pro Microphone

My daughters love their music and you can usually hear guitar playing and singing somewhere in our house at any time!  Toys R Us sent us a Paper Jamz Pro Microphone by WowWee which seemed like something my girls would absolutely love to test out.  It allows you to sing like a pop star using a series of special vocal effects.  You can download music to sing along to and the set contains a USB cable to connect the amp to your PC.  The box contains a full size mic along with a mini voice amp which clips on your belt for portable vocals.  The pink design was really funky, I love Paper Jamz branding.  This microphone joins the other products from Paper Jamz including guitars, drums and amps...become an instant rockstar!

The effects that this gadget can give your voice are quite amazing! The Pro Mic gives Perfect Pitch to your voice, automatically correcting it to keep you in tune.  The Chorus function multiplies your voice to give depth.  Auto Harmony allows for awesome harmonizing as you sing. You can do a one man duet!   Auto Vibrato gives you a warble that would give Leona Lewis a run for her money.  Melody Match tunes your voice for a perfect melody.  You can sing like a diva using this nifty toy, perfect for taking centre stage and impressing the family!

It comes with two pre-loaded songs to sing along to, I'd never heard of them but they come with lyrics enclosed to sing along to them!  Shame it doesn't also include a backing track that the kids could make up their own words to, that would have been a good addition to encourage some vocal freestyling!  The amp will hold up to three MP3's of your own choosing so you can belt out your favourite tracks along with your favourite artists.  The software is easily accessed at  The amp takes 4 x AA batteries.

The microphone created a synthesised version of your own voice, a little bit like a melodic robot with the Chipmunks singing backing vocals!  The effects can be switched on individually or all together giving lots of options.  The effect was pretty impressive and we all enjoyed singing into the Pro Mic.   Freddy was surprisingly taken with singing into the mic and made up his own song...a version of Postman Pat with a long note to finish!  It is the long notes that sound the best through the amp. I think he may become a future rock god/prima donna!  Kizzy used the mic to accompany her sister on her guitar which gave her confidence.  Ella had a go at a bit of electro-pop!  We also sang along with the two pre-loaded tracks. (Ella tried to Google them but they do not exist on the internet! Where did they get them from??  "Love Karaoke" is our particular's a bit Lady Gaga-esque!!!)

The PaperJamz Pro Microphone costs £34.99.  It is a really fun product with huge novelty value as well as being a lovely way for kids to enjoy singing.  Anything that encourages music gets a thumbs up from me.  We are having a real blast with the Pro's a very cool gadget for all ages!


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