Friday, 16 September 2011

Step 2 Sand and Water Adjustable Table

Toy R Us have sent us a Step 2 Adjustable Sand and Water Table for Freddy to test out.  We have already tested the Waterwheel Play Table from Step 2, which although a lot of fun had some limitations.  This new table most definitely is the bigger and better equipped brother of  the more basic model.

This table is adjustable giving two height positions to build the table at.  This means it can grow with your child over the years.  It was easy to build using a bracket and a screw for each leg, giving a very sturdy finish. The moulded plastic sand and water compartments include rock faces and roadways to increase the play value.  Accessories included are a parasol for shade on sunny days (remember those!?), a spade/fork, two water pots, a two part bridge and two boats.  Handy plugs allow for easy emptying after use, without having to tip the table over!  Best of all, the table comes with a one piece plastic lid which attaches with elastic straps, keeping the contents clean and protected when not in use.  I think this is a really important feature for an outdoor play table.

Freddy checks out his newly built table.
Strong Elastic Closures for the Lid
Freddy loved whizzing his boats around the roadway and over the bridge.  We couldn't find any sand for it at such short notice but filling both sides up with warm, soapy water seemed to impress Fred!

Over the Bridge.

Freddy definitely is enjoying the added features of this play table and the potential for imaginative play is increased by the landscaping of the plastic.  I really like the well fitted lid that will stop the dead flies, leaves and garden debris getting in when not in use.  As it grows with your child, this will last for a good few years.  It retails for around £69.99.


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