Sunday, 12 June 2011

Mumentum...Weekly Update!!

Two weeks ago I was ready to change myself for the better.  At 6' tall I was carrying my excess weight all over, and although I'm not huge in any one dimension, I felt mannish, like an Olympic shotputter.  It didn't make me feel feminine or attractive being this shape. It was time for me to do something positive.

With the support of #Mumentum and the wonderful Sandra at Thinking Slimmer things have changed.  Last week I reported a 5 lb drop in weight.  Today I weighed myself and another 6lbs has gone from my frame...making an 11 lb weightloss in total!  It is quite drastic, but I haven't starved myself, I haven't gone without and I haven't suddenly started doing tonnes of exercise.  All I have done is listen to my Slimpods which have caused me to eat less and eat better. Simples!

Before this fortnight I'd constantly graze.  The word grazing always makes me think of a sheep nibbling at greenery...this however is not how I graze!  My grazing involved constantly snacking on chocolate, cheese, crisps, bread, cake, biscuits and generally anything I could find in my treat cupboard.  I used to justify it by saying that my mouth was bored!!  I used to think that one more wouldn't make a difference.  Then I'd eat a huge meal in the evening (then finish off the left overs from the kids' plates) and have four slices of toast and butter and jam for supper.  God, I feel ashamed actually writing this...but I feel that it is part of my healing to get these skeletons out of my closet once and for all.

Since using the 'Lose 2 Jean Sizes Slimpod' alongside the 'Chocoholic Cure' I have experienced massive changes in my eating habits.  I do not eat between meals and my portions have halved.  The strangest thing is that I have gone off chocolate bars which is unheard of.  I don't even spare them a thought anymore.  I used to eat a 200g bar of Cadbury's Wholenut in one I have nothing.  I have breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I even have a little bowl of ice cream or a lolly for pudding, so I'm not being deprived of goodies.  I simply don't want to eat more than that.  Result.

Today, I felt confident enough to brave the clothes shops again and bought myself new skinny jeans, some tops, underwear and a dress.  It was empowering to be able to do so without thinking that there wasn't any point to me having new clothes.  I'm going to bag up all my size 16 clothes and give them to a charity shop so there is no going back. It will be so cathartic!!

I know this weight loss will slow down soon because it can't keep dropping off at this rate.  I may have to start exercising, heaven forbid!!  But the main reason for this is to get some control back, provide a positive role model to my three daughters and make them proud of me.  It's not about vanity or trying to aspire to some impossible media hyped image of a stick thin celebrity.  It isn't about me conforming to some stereotype of a self-hating woman trying to change through self-loathing and deprivation.  It is simply about doing what is right for me.  Showing my kids that gluttony is not acceptable, and is not healthy either physically or mentally.  It is about getting healthy and enjoying life.

I'll leave you with a photo of me taken today.  I'm well on my way to being the person I want to be both inside and out.  Thank you to everyone who is helping me to make it happen!

*Thought I'd better add that I am not on commission to Thinking Slimmer hehe!!  I just love it this much!!*


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