Monday, 6 June 2011

Mumentum...My Journey to Being Slimmer

It's been just a week since I hooked up with Liska and the other #Mumentum girls.  I'm already 5 lbs lighter, more positive and my attitude to food has changed.

I've restarted my Thinking Slimmer Slimpods, listening to the 10 minute recordings at bedtime every night.  It has really helped me.  I am listening to the yet to be released "Lose Two Jean Sizes" slimpod, along with the "Chocoholic Cure".  They help by reprogramming the unconscious part of your mind to see food as a fuel that is there to be burned.  It makes you aware of the feeling of fullness and makes you open to change habits of a lifetime.  It encourages you to do 'anything more than nothing' to achieve your goal everyday and visualise the person you want to be.  The person you CAN be!

It really is incredible that after just a few days I am no longer craving treats or binging.  It's easy to say no to food or just have a little taste of things and then stop.  I genuinely don't feel like I'm being deprived of the things I used to want, because the desire for them has gone.

So far so good!!  But I do believe that the support of you #Mumentum ladies is really instrumental in the effectiveness of my ability to allow myself to succeed this time.  I feel that I'm not alone, that other people care and are rooting for me, like I'm rooting for them!  Motivational chats on Twitter and comments on blog posts have raised my spirits immensely and I'm so grateful for the support and friendships that are developing online.  Everyone has different motives for their weightloss or fitness goals.  Everyone is taking a different approach...but we all want the same thing.  To get back the control and be as healthy as we can be for our families.

I'll be thrilled to meet up with some of our group at Cybermummy.  And I really hope that we get the opportunity to attend an event together as the #Mumentum Ladies!  We could get T-Shirts and everything!!  Poster girls for fabulous Mummies working on reducing their tummies together!

Liska's group is snowballing as other people on Twitter see the hashtag and realise what a great group it is.  I'm so glad that I joined in and proud to play a part in it!  This is exactly what social media should be about...enabling like-minded people to link up and connect.

My one concern is that my lack of exercise will eventually call a halt to my weightloss.  I've done all kinds of things in the past. Yoga, pilates, holistic toning and going to the gym.  In every one of these attempts I've put my back out.  I couldn't walk for 3 days following one Pilates class!  I was diagnosed with scoliosis after the birth of baby number 3.  I had a year of restricted movement and pain following Ella's birth.  There is definitely something amiss in my spine.  Instead I will try to walk the school run more often and do activities with the family that gets my blood pumping. Fingers crossed it will be enough.

I start week 2 with a positive outlook and I can really see where I want to be.  Using Cybermummy as the first marker enables me to set a date for my first target.  I'm not entering into any mass hysteria regarding the Cybermummy event as some people have suggested to other people's attempts to lose weight etc.  But it is an event that is punctuating my year and therefore provides an opportunity to lose a bit of weight and is a focus for my efforts.  Feeling like I'm doing well is a huge confidence boost.  There is no harm in that whatsoever!!


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