Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Thinking Slimmer Review

Anyone who reads my blog will probably know I have been trialling Slimpods since last November. My success has not always been long lasting because things have got in the way (like Christmas, illness and generally losing my Chi for dieting!)  However, Sandra the CEO of Thinking Slimmer has taken it upon herself to really help me. I've received personal phonecalls and direct messages on Twitter, and between us we have come up with my current programme.  She has been wonderful. Also I think the time is now right and the supportive #mumentum group has been the final piece of the puzzle, giving me the motivation to succeed once and for all!

I am using the Drop 2 Jean Sizes Slimpod at the moment.  Previously I had used one that referred to dress sizes, and although it is a subtle difference, I couldn't relate as well to the visualisation of myself in a frock!  So this one is tailored to suit me better.  There are lots of different options so you can find one that fits your own personal needs.

I've been listening for about a week now and it really is facilitating some amazing changes in the way I eat.  For example today I was in Starbuck's with my husband.  By habit, he bought me a Mocha and a Skinny Lemon Muffin.  I was thinking 'what the hell, I'll eat it's skinny!' but I just couldn't.  I really didn't want it.  It just didn't appeal to me at all. I wrapped it in a napkin and brought it home for the kids!  I have said no to the offer of food using will power, but this was different.  I just did not want it and it was there on a plate in front of me.  It actually scared me a little bit!!  This was massive!

cake, muffin
No thanks!!
I've lost 5lbs already and I'm not having to do anything apart from listen to my MP3 player at bedtime.

If you think hypnosis could help you, take a look at their website.  It's not just a place to purchase a downloadable Slimpod.  There is information, success stories that are really motivational, advice and support. It's a real community and after you become a customer you get access to the VIP area.

I love the soothing voice of Trevor Silvester who uses WordWeaving to gently talk to your unconscious mind, influencing you in a natural way.

I'd say give it a go...there is nothing to lose...except your excess weight!!!


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