Tuesday, 28 June 2011

My First Scooter by Ozbozz

Freddy is at the stage now where he wants to be whizzing around the garden on the latest wheeled toy.  Unfortunately for him though, a lot of the toys belong to his 8 year old sister, resulting in a few scraped knees as he takes a tumble as they are much too big for him.  Ozbozz has come to the rescue with the ultimate outdoor toy for toddlers.  My First Scooter is designed with little ones in mind and is an ideal starter scooter with the added bonus of it growing with your child.

Starting off with four sturdy wheels, toddlers can get a real feel for the scooter and get to grips with the speed and technique.  As they grow in confidence it can become a three wheeler until they progress to a super grown-up two wheeler!  The ability to adapt the scooter to meet the child's needs will save need to buy a new one for every stage of development!

My First Scooter comes ready to be assembled and includes instructions and a small tool kit.  It was quite easy to build.  The finished Scooter was sturdy and looked great.  Freddy got straight onboard!

Building the Ozbozz Scooter with Daddy.
Does this go there??
My First Scooter!
I was very impressed by the finished scooter.  The way  you can go from 4 wheels to 3 to 2 is really clever and simple to do.  It was very stylish in the blue and green colour (also available in pink!)  It is every bit as cool as a grown-up scooter so Freddy doesn't feel like he is being babied!  He zoomed around with his big sister. He quickly got the hang of the one footed action and was really confident.  The stability of having four wheels meant we had no accidents!

I love My First Scooter from Ozbozz.
Good Foot Action...ZOOM!!
The scooter has soft grip handles and a non slip foot plate making it super safe.  It can easily be folded down for ease of storage and transport.  That is a great feature.  I'm not surprised it won the Bizzie Baby 2010/11 Award for Best Scooter!

Available at all good toy shops it is priced at £19.99.  This is such good value as your toddler won't grow out of it will last through all the scooting stages!

Freddy really loves his scooter as this film will show!


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