Friday, 3 June 2011

Cook with Lisa...Scented Candles to Light up Your Life

Delicious Scented Candles for The Home

Smell is such an evocative sense.  So many memories from childhood can be instantly recalled with the merest sniff of a Victoria Sponge baking in the oven.  Or the lingering scent of the zesty lemon reminding me of my Mum's home made Lemon Meringe Pie Filling simmering on the hob.  It's so comforting, transporting me back to a carefree time.

Lisa Roukin, from Cook with Lisa is a talented cooking teacher.  Inspired by the comforting aromas of her own childhood, she has created the most gorgeous smelling candles.  Based on popular desserts, Apple Pie, Shortbread, Raspberry Sorbet or Pineapple Flambe, within minutes of lighting the candle, your house will radiate warm and welcoming scents.

The manufacturing process was very important to Lisa who developed the fragrances with a range of scents to suit every palate, spicy, warm, fresh and tropical.

I was sent one of Lisa's candles to Pineapple Flambe.  It came in a lovely 8cm tall tin.  The moment I opened it the gorgeous, tropical scent hit me.  It was fresh, sweet and fruity and reminded me of holidays and summer time!

The candle itself has a 50 hour burn time and is handmade in the UK with British sourced ingredients.  They do not contain any animal products so are completely vegetarian friendly!

The dessert theme doesn't end with the fantastic smell.  In a unique twist, each candle includes a tried and tested recipe on the label which means you can experience the delicious dish for yourself.

Lighting the wick and watching the wax slowly begin to melt, I inhaled the gorgeous warming aroma of Pineapple Flambe.  The scent was very authentic and not too overpowering which was pleasing.  I love the concept of dessert scented candles.

They are a zero calorie fix for dieters who want to experience their favourite desserts without having to eat them.  They will satisfy even the sweetest tooth!  All the enjoyment in a completely guilt and calorie free treat.


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