Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Fisher Price Ducky Fun 3 in 1 Potty for Potty Training

Potty Training Made Fun With The Ducky Fun 3 in 1 Potty!

Potty training can be an arduous task!  Making the step from nappies to the toilet can be perilous and must be quite daunting for a toddler.  Thankfully Fisher Price have come up with a product that is set to ease my son into this stage of his life.  The Ducky Fun 3 in 1 Potty promises to add an element of fun to potty training which will hopefully make the whole process a lot more inviting, keeping Freddy interested and eager to 'perform'!

The potty is made to look like a cute Ducky character (OK it is not exactly anatomically correct as it has four feet which my 8 year old noticed immediately....but if it had just the regular pair of feet, it would not be stable!!  Artistic licence is acceptable in this case!)

The friendly face really appealed to Freddy.  It certainly made the potty much less intimidating.

The potty plays a quacktastic tune when the child does a wee in the potty which rewards them and encourages a return visit.  It is really motivational and adds a bit of fun to the proceedings!

The potty itself is a really good size and shaped like a mini-toilet which was nice.  I think Freddy recognised the shape from the bathroom and seemed to understand exactly what it was and promptly sat on it!  He's been a bit reticent with traditional potty shapes up to now, so this was quite a breakthrough for us!

The potty comes with a removable easy clean bucket and splash guard.  The toilet seat part also can be removed and used as a trainer seat on a big toilet so that is a real bonus.  The lid then closes down making a stepstool for your child to climb up onto the loo.  It will take you through to the next stage of toilet training making it better value for money.

The potty takes 3 AA batteries to power the music which is activated by contact when the child uses the potty.  At first I saw it as a bit of a novelty item, but seeing Freddy's eagerness to get to know his new potty makes me think that Fisher Price have really come up with an excellent product.  The longevity of the product is also very will be useful for years to come as a step up stool and trainer seat.  

"So is this instead of a nappy Mum??"
The 3 in 1 Duck Potty costs £32.99 which makes it a top end product in terms of price.  However it is definitely very unique and could be exactly the thing to make the transition to toilet training easier for your toddler, which to me makes it worth the money.  

It is definitely a fun way to tackle a potentially challenging stage!  We'll keep you updated with his progress!

*Freddy was given the potty to test so we could do a review for Mums Like You.  The opinions are all ours!*


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