Sunday, 19 June 2011

Toyology and a Cycocycle

My family are thrilled to be Toyologists, testing a range of exciting new toys for Toys R Us.  We were over the moon to receive our first consignment of toys and this weekend we tested out our first toy...the CycoCycle!

The brown box didn't give much away so we were excited to open it up to see exactly what a CycoCycle was.  We weren't disappointed when we saw the bright yellow frame and chunky wheels.  Written on the frame was "Crazy Fun" which definitely sounded intriguing!

The cycle was simple to assemble, but it did need an adult's strength to tighten everything up safely and securely.  

The finished Cycocycle was a cross between a trike, a unicycle, a BMX and a scooter.  The Cycocycle has no handle bar or chain.  The pedals are fixed to the front wheel and the seat is fixed to the steering column allowing you to control the Cycocycle by twisting your body.  A rear step bar allows a passenger to ride or makes it possible to scoot it along and do tricks.  It is foldable for storage or transport.

The CycoCycle is recommended for ages 13 and up and has a weight limit of 185lbs.  A helmet should be worn for safety purposes, as with any activity of this type.  I can see the CycoCycle becoming a new craze to rival skateboards and scooters.

The CycoCycle's tyres work on grass, dirt or concrete and are pneumatic for a comfortable ride.  It was easy to master riding on, but turning took a bit of practice!  It was hugely fun and very versatile.  As it is so well balanced, there are loads of different ways to ride it.  Ella came up with lots of fun ideas for tricks as she gained in confidence.  She even played her guitar while cycling!!

It is a fantastic, unique toy and perfect for outdoor fun.  We loved it.  I even had a go and it is hugely entertaining and quite addictive.  It is perfect for older kids and teenagers, and 8 year old Kizzy was able to handle it easily too.  It was lovely to see the kids playing together outside getting fresh air and exercise in such a fun way.

The CycoCycle is available from Toys R Us priced at £99.99.  

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