Thursday, 2 June 2011

Theraline Pillows...for mums and kids!

When I was pregnant I struggled to get comfortable.  I'd stuff a cushion between my knees and wedge a duvet under my bump and still be uncomfy!  I wish I'd known about Theraline Nursing Pillows...they'd have spared me many a sleepless night, tossing and turning trying to get into a position conducive with sleep!!

The super soft cover is stuffed with micro beads that moulds and bends into shape giving support and comfort whether you are lying down or sitting up.  What's more it is perfect for breastfeeding once baby is born, reducing strain on the shoulder and neck and giving support to the back.

The soft and huggable pillow is so light and so very versatile.  It is great for when baby starts to sit up offering a protective barrier in case of topples.  It really is a great investment...I so wish I'd had one!!!

When Theraline offered me the chance to test out one of their pillows I decided to try out one of their Baby and Kids' Neck Pillows.  Using the same micro bead filling and super soft cover, the Neck Pillow is like a mini version of the original Nursing Pillow.  The filling is as fine as sand so it is flexible and fits perfectly around baby's neck.

The Neck Pillow is perfect for travelling.  It keeps the toddler in a stable, lateral position providing individual, solid support when the head lolls during sleep, without forcing baby's head forward.  It also is a super comfy pillow for at home.

We were sent a yellow floral design, but there are other patterns and colours to choose from and a variety of materials available.

I loved how soft and squidgy it was and it was much bigger than I had anticipated.  It is so light.  The design was a little girly for Freddy, but in the spirit of gender neutral parenting we were perfectly happy for him to embrace flower power!

Freddy tried it out in his car chair and it went behind his neck easily as the micro bead filling moulded to fit. While he was awake though, he found it quite bulky, so I think he could have done with a smaller size.  However, 8 year old Kizzy was only to keen to take over the testing.  It was a perfect size and she consequently fell into a comfortable, rested slumber!

I can see our pillow being very useful when travelling and for snoozing at home.  I had a try and I love how the pillow moulds around you so comfortably.  It really is quite unique!

The Theraline Original Nursing Pillow retails for £44.95 online at
The Kids' Neck Pillow in 'Little Flowers Yellow' is a very cost effective £14.90 also available from Theraline's online shop.

These super cute animal pillows are now available...this dragon is gorgeous!

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